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Concert Pics 2019

I love to visit concerts.When at a concert I always take a few photographs if possible.Most of them are of poor quality but still fun to share. Here are some …

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Kehinde Wiley

Museum de KAdE in Amersfoort is currently showing the exhibition “Tell Me Your Story” where African-American art can be seen from the 1920s to the present.

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Volumetric Video

Digital animation techniques have brought many tools for making films. From ‘Luxo Jr.’ (Pixar1968) to the remake of ‘The Lion King’. The possibilities are endless.

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Mirjam Völker

While visiting the exhibition CRUX at the museum De Fundatie in Zwolle, I walked past paintings by artists from Leipzig. The exhibition shows works by Martin Kobe, Mirjam Völker, Robert Seidel and Titus Schade, which, despite the use of colour by Martin Kobe, are generally bleak.

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